About Schooley Street Records

Our story so far…

In 2014 we launched the indie label “Schooley Street Records™.” The idea was to recruit talent from the Philadelphia area.

Schooley Street has the resources to provide artists the total package, from recording and producing to promotion and distribution.

Whether it is discovering and developing new talent or working with established artist, it’s all about capturing that great performance and getting it out there for the fans to enjoy.

In addition to the record label we also have two publishing companies under the Schooley Street Umbrella. Schooley Street Publishing is affiliated with ASCAP and MLC Music is affiliated with BMI.

The label also houses a private recording studio built around a 32 channel analog desk. We have the ability to record in either digital or analog. We can also record to tape via Protools through our CLASP, closed loop analog signal processing, unit.

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Audio recording from digital to analog

Endless Analog 24 Track CLASP machine.